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Northwest Art N Soul


Penisula Waterfall, Oil on Canvas 30x30, $350  
Northwest Art N Soul

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

My paintings are inspired by the miracles I see in the every day details of life and nature. A trickling waterfall, The reflection of light dancing on water or the vibrant colors of a flower blowing in the wind. Identified by rich natural colors and realistic with a slight feel of impressionism, my paintings are created to enhance a relaxing environment. Enjoy the miracles I see, or send me a photo of your favorite scene for a commissioned painting.
oil painting
FURY FACES WAVES, Oil on Canvas, 22x28, $450
oil painting
ASPEN SOLITUDE, Oil on Canvas, 16x20, $300
classic oil painting
COLORS IN THE SAND, Oil on Canvas, $250
modern oil painting
Seasons of Love, Oil on Canvas, 30x40, Sold
classic oil painting
TEAR DROPS, Oil on Canvas, 8x10, $75
oil painting
SILVERY BLUE SURREAL, Oil on Canvas, 16x20, $300
classic oil painting
TULIPS, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $SOLD
oil painting
RIVERBED, Oil on Canvas, 12x24, $250
Canvas oil painting
Tulips in Spring, Oil on Canvas, 18x24, $250
modern oil painting
SHROUDED PINK FOREST, Oil on Canvas, 16x24, $250
commissioned oil painting
Nicks Window View, Oil on Canvas,  $SOLD
Canvas oil painting
Tropical Leaves, Oil on Canvas, $100
modern oil painting
Morgans View, Oil on Canvas,  $SOLD