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My Shop's Tool Review

 SawStop 5 stars

The 3HP SawStop professional cabinet saw is unbelievable.  The quality, installation documentation, dust control are all excellent.  If that was not enough add the safety features.  If you are in the market for a new table saw this is the best saw out there.  The only enhancement they could make would be to include an precision miter gage.  But I guess you have to add something your self.
 OneIda V-System Dust Collector 5 stars

The 3HP OneIda V-System is a great dust collector. It comes with a remote control and plenty of power to keep your shop clean for years. I defiantly recommend this system. The only improvement I would recommend is improving the installation documentation.
 Rikon 18 inch bandsaw 3.5 stars

The Rikon 18 inch Bandsaw is a beast. This saw hast the power to cut though up to 12 inches of solid oak along with the control to make small accurate cuts. This saw has great power and dust collection and came pre-assembled at an excellent price point. The improvements I would make to this product would be to include a blade break. Along with increasing the stability of the upper blade guard and guide post.
jet sharpener 4 stars

Jet JSSG-10 Slow Speed Wet Sharpener Standard Kit - I don't know how I lived with out this sharpener.  My tools are all like new thanks to Jet.  There are only a few places this tool could be improved.  The first is only complaint I have about it is the water tray can be a bit difficult to remove and re-attach.
nova lathe

Teknatool Nova 1624-44 Wood Lathe - This is a great wood lathe with plenty of stability and power.  I may update it in the future to a variable speed wood lathe.  Changing the belt can be annoying at times.

TEKNATOOL Super Nova 2 3.5 stars

The Teknatool Super Nova 2 is a great chuck.  I have been very happy with it.  It comes with a 50mm jaws.  I have also added pen jaws, Cole jaws (for bowls), 75mm jaws and Titan power grip jaws.  The chuck and jaws provide an excellent hold.  The only draw back is removing one set of jaws to add another.  I may just have to get a 2nd chuck.  It would also be nice if each set of jaws had additional screws.
 pen vise 0 stars

Pen Makers' Center Drilling Vise (Woodcraft part #143609)- This tool sucks.  It worked great for a few months and now it requires me to hand turn the internal screws by hand in order to get it to open or close.  If you are looking for a center drilling vise I would not choose this one.  If you know of a good recomment please let me know I am in the market. 

 Harbor Freight Drill Press

3 stars 

Harbor Freight Central Machinery - 12 Speed Floor Production Drill Press

This is an excellent drill press for the price ... and a great Christmas present from my wife.  The only drawback is having to change the belt and some limited movement during adjustment times in the track.

 Dremel Scroll Saw 3 stars


Dremel’s Scroll Station, combines a traditional scroll saw with a disc sander and a flexible shaft tool. It is meant to be a complete tool to take scrolling projects from start to finish.

This saw is equipped with a great saw-dust blower.  The light has a bit of a flicker, but is definatly a nice touch. 

When the saw is mounted to the bench it has minimal vibration.

The side table disc sander works well.  However even with the disk sander a 1" belt sander is still a needed requirment.
 Wood burning Detail Master Sabre IV 4 stars

Detail Master "Sabre IV".  This is an exelcent wood burner. It has exelent control of the heat and multiple tips avialble.  The only draw back is the heat generated by the pen.   I am going to try adding an after market foam grip to keep the pen from getting so hot. 
 Hunter #5 Carbide Hollowing Tool 5 stars

 Hunter #5 Carbide Hollowing Tool.  This is by far the best hollowing tool I have used. The secret to it's cutting is the Carbide tip. However it's best benefit is also it's only limitation  (they can not be re-sharpened in by the wood turner it has to be replaced).  That being said the carbide does provide extra long life making up for the replacement factor. I plan will update this posting as soon as I can estimate the life (currently it has remained razor sharp for 5+ sharpening).  The handle is large and provides excellent control.  It is advertised that you can take off onion skin thin slices of wood, with the piece I am turning I have not been able to duplicate this ... But, I am guessing it will take a little more practice and a piece with more room it will be 100% possible.

After my review I recieved a personal email containing this great tip from Mike
"My recommendation is to do a random rotation of the cutter every time the tool is used.  It is difficult to know where the tool has been used in the past, so the random rotation seems to work around this need.  When the tool starts to fuzz up the workpiece ... then the cutter probably needs replaced."
Mike Hunter
 Sorby Hollow Master 1.5 stars

Sorby Hollow Master.  As a Sorby tool this leaves one falls a little short. The small handle and offset head make it difficult to control the tools twisting. The round scrappers leave a nice clean finish as expected. However the pointed roughing tip is difficult to find the sweet spot. After you do and apply enough pressure it cuts fairly well but this also caused the retaining ring to spread keeping it from holding anymore.
 18V Makita 2 stars

18V Makita.  The lithium-ion battery makes this drill very light and powerful. The keyless chuck works quite nicely as well. It comes with a 15 minutes that eliminates the necessity of having multiple drills. Unfortunately after only 3 months one of the batteries failed and would not take a charge. After doing some searching this appears to be a common problem and a serious issue because the batteries are very expensive. The reverse switch is in a terrible location for left hander's, I am constantly bumping the switch and changing the direction.
 Skil Saw 3 stars 

Skil Saw.    This saw is extremity well balanced and has ample power. 
 Pancake Air Compressor 2 stars 

1-3/4 HP, 4 Gallon, 115 PSI Pancake Compressor.    This is a good introductory air compressor. I have been able to run nail guns, sanders and speed wrenches without a problem.   It is short on power to for an impact wrench. I have outgrown mine but would suggest it for the small shop. I am looking to replace it with a compressor with at least a 60 gallon tank; definatly not needed for the average home use.