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African Blackwood

(Dalbergia melanoxylon )
African Blackwood
Location:The tree is widely spread within a triangle from Southern Sudan to Angola and the Transkey in South Africa.
Tree:It grows as a bush in most places and as a sizeable tree up-to 9 meters (30ft.) height and a diameter of 30 cm (12 in.) and larger, in only few regions. Experts relate this fact to the fauna, more than to the competition from the flora itself !
The Wood:The heartwood is dark brown with black streaks. This color usually predominates, so that the general effect is nearly black. The narrow sapwood is light yellow and clearly defined. The wood is exceptionally hard and heavy, of a density ab.1.35 t/m3, (79 lb. /cu. ft). The texture is fine and even.
Workability:It is extremely hard to cut and process.
Use:The timber is extremely hard and heavy, therefore of little common use locally. Makers of woodwind musical instruments prefer it to ebony, because of its fine tonal and acoustic features, extreme stability and resistance to saliva. It is also recognized, because of its constant density, as the best timber for ornamentals and turnery of cues, walking sticks, bobbins, butts of sport weapons, cutlery, knives, technical items, pins, spindles, tools and drumsticks.

These are some of the items I have created with African Blackwood. They are all unique one of a kind handcrafted items.

W102  WineStopper
This wine stopper is made of imported African Blackwood. The dark beauty of the wood is offset by Goal Titanium making this a unique one of a kind hand crafted gift.