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Elm Tree

Elm Tree
History:We have been using the elm tree for thousands of years since the first farmers found them in ancient forests.

In western Europe, farmers used elm leaves and branches as cattle feed. Fisherman traded for elm leaves to boil and eat in times of scarcity.

Romans used living elms to support their grapevines - a practice called "marrying the vine to the elm." They also selectively bred elms producing many of the species we see today throughout their former Empire.

In North America, the Iroquois used the bark of elms to make canoes, rope, utensils, and roofing for their homes. The Ainu, native people of Japan, used elm bark for clothing.
Common Names:Honduran Rosewood, Honduras Rosewood
Location:Belize -- between the Sarstoon and Monkey Rivers
The Wood:The heartwood is pinkish to purple brown with irregular black markings. Sapwood is a striking contrast of creamy white. Central America.
Use:Used for musical instruments such as guitars, harps, pianos, furniture, picture frames, billiard tables, and doors.