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Pink Ivory

History: Pink Ivory from southern Africa is a treasured and sacred wood of Zulu cheifs, varying in color from pink to red. At one time, it was said to be rarer than diamonds and was only allowed to be possessed by the royal family. It was rumored that anyone else possesing the wood would be punished by death. (The death sentence was a legend started many years ago to increase the value of the wood when sold overseas.)
Location:Native of Southern Africa, it is found from Zimbabwe in the North to the Eastern Cape in the South. It takes hundreds of years to reach a size suitable to make a bowl.
Tree:Evergreen, up-to 15 meters tall with a dense and round crown. It grows in open woodland, rocky hillsides and along drainage lines. It is drought resistant and can take light frost. It is a protected tree in South Africa. Special permits are granted for harvesting.
The Wood:The heartwood ranges from light pink to a dark red color, the sapwood is yellowish. The heart is very hard and heavy with a density of 1.1 t / m3, when it is air-dried.
Workability:It works well on the lathe and with the chisel.
Use:Its attractive coloring makes it ideal for carving, turning of wooden bowls, walking sticks, cues and even putters. It is also used for musical instruments, for its decorative value, in drums, woodwinds and ornamentals.